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Understanding Elderly Care in India

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A survey was conducted on the WhiteCoats App to understand the physicians’ perspective on healthy living choices for elderly patients.

Survey question:

“For a healthy living which of the following do you suggest for older patients?”.


  1. Balanced Diet
  2. Vitamin Supplements

A panel of doctors from various specialties participated in the survey comprising of Anesthesiologists, Diabetologists, Neurologists, Orthopedists, Otolaryngologists and others.

Almost 83.3% doctors considered a balanced diet as a significant contributor to the healthy life. While 16.6% stated vitamin supplements are important.

Recent medical breakthroughs have increased the overall life expectancy. The percentage of elderly people in the nation is expected to get doubled by 2050.

Home based healthcare services, day care centers, telemedicine, awareness, and a proper education in gerontology will be vital in the future for improving the quality of geriatric care in the country.

A detailed survey is required to understand the doctor’s perspective on the needs and availability of care options for the elderly in our country.


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