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How Do Doctors Stay Fit?


Our doctors work tirelessly to provide better and quality care to the patient community. They are exposed to various kind of diseases that could affect or worsen their health. We wonder, what do doctors, who never fail to remind us of the importance of health, do to stay fit and healthy.

With this curiosity, we conducted an in-app survey on WhiteCoats to know the lifestyle parameters followed by our doctors to avoid the risk of developing illness and staying healthy.

Data Interpretation:

207 doctors from the app responded to our survey. Which included, Anaesthesiologists (30.43%), Radiologists (17.39%), Surgeons (13.52%), Gynaecologists/ Obstetricians (8.21%), Dentists (6.76%), Orthopaedists (6.28%), Cardiologists and Pulmonologists (3.38% each), Dieticians (2.41%), and Others (8.21%).

53.14% of doctors exercise daily for 30 mins or less and 23.18% of doctors exercise for 1-2 hours every day.  Almost 68.11% of physicians get a sleep of more than 6 hours. A balanced diet is maintained by 53.14% of doctors while 39.14% of doctors followed a diet at times.

When asked if they restricted salt, sugar or oil intake, sugar was restricted by 16.90% doctors, oil by 9.66% of physicians and salt by 3.86% of doctors. We also observed that all the three- salt, sugar, and oil (23.67%), salt + sugar (6.76%), salt + oil (4.34%), and sugar + oil (11.11%), were restricted by doctors.

Percentage of doctors who never (44.92%) meditate was seen to be higher, while 20.28% of physicians meditated daily and 34.78% of doctors did meditation sometimes.

To conclude, the secret behind staying healthy is because the maximum of our doctors stick to a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep. However, only a smaller number of doctors followed the art of meditation.

With World Health Day being around, let us prioritize our health, as it is truly said: HEALTH is WEALTH.


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