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Determining Doctors' Perception On Management Of Current Outbreak Of COVID-19

COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a group of virus- coronavirus. The disease causes a respiratory illness with symptoms such as a cough, fever and in more severe cases, difficulty in breathing. This recent outbreak has rattled the population all over the world and controlled measure is an absolute necessity to contain the disease.

Objective: Determining doctors' perception on how to manage the current outbreak of COVID-19.

Below is the graphical presentation of the survey.

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A total of 262 doctors participated in the survey - General practitioners (44%), Dentists (12%), Pulmonologists/Chest Specialists (8%), Ayurvedic Doctors (5%) and Others (31%)

  • When the doctors were asked what would they suggest to asymptomatic travelers or close contact with a traveler with COVID-19 positive, 69% of the doctors suggested all the above- Home quarantine, Twice daily self-monitored temperature, Contact and droplet prevention.

  • Nearly 59% of the doctors stated Low-grade fever, Cough, malaise, rhinorrhea, sore throat without shortness of breath as the answer for one of the main symptoms of mild COVID-19 cases.

  • Around 35% of the doctors stated that worsening of mental illness is not a requirement for shifting to the ICU, followed by 28% stating hypotension.

  • When asked who falls in high risk of severe disease, 90% of the doctors answered all of the above- People aged about 60, Cardiovascular disease including hypertension, Diabetes, and Chronic lung kidney liver disease.

  • When doctors were asked what was the criteria for discharge of COVID-19 patients, 65% doctors stated if two samples are tested negative at least 48 hours apart, followed by 36% stating two negative samples at least 24 hours apart

Our study reveals, that most doctors ask people to home quarantine, to prevent unnecessary contact and self-monitor twice daily. It is also stated that the most common symptoms seen in the case of COVID-19 are Low-grade fever, Cough, malaise, rhinorrhea, sore throat without shortness of breath. It has also been observed that people aged above 60, and people with high cardiovascular diseases are more prone to get infected. In the survey doctors also stated patients can be discharged when both the samples taken 48 hours apart result negative.

Therefore, doctors can play a fundamental role in educating people about the importance of safety practices to be followed during COVID-19. This will help in containing the disease from spreading.

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