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Common Monsoon Diseases & Prevention Tips

During monsoons, the sudden climatic changes from hot summers to the sudden onset of rains bringing down the temperatures drastically makes our immune system weakened, which results in many water-borne diseases.

Different types of monsoon diseases, along with the rainy season health care tips are as follows:

Cold and Flu:

The drastic fluctuation of temperature in rainy seasons makes the body susceptible to bacterial and viral attack, resulting in cold and flu. These are the most common form of viral infections.

Prevention tip: Consume highly nutritious foods and strengthen immunity which can help the body to fight germs by producing antibodies against the released toxins.

Mosquito-Borne Diseases:


When rain, water remains clogged, it helps in the mosquitoes' breeding process.

Prevention Tip: Prevent the spread of malaria by keeping clogged areas clean.


Dengue fever can be very painful and life-threatening. The carriers of dengue virus are one other than the mosquitoes and thus

Prevention Tip: keep the body protected from any form of a mosquito bite by using mosquito repellents to ensure safety.


This is a water-borne infection which is common in monsoon caused by many strains of bacteria. Cholera affects the gastrointestinal tract causing severe dehydration and diarrhea.

Prevention Tip: Drink boiled, treated, or purified water to keep the germs at bay.


Typhoid fever is a result of contaminated food and water. This is yet another bacterial infection caused by Salmonella typhi.

Prevention Tip: Maintaining proper hygiene and sanitation is recommended.

Hepatitis A:

This infection is caused by contaminated food and water which mainly affects the liver. Some common Hepatitis A symptoms seen are fever, vomiting, rash, etc.

Prevention Tip: Maintaining proper hygiene can cover the risk of this condition.

Other Infections:

The hot, humid, and wet weather makes it favorable for the micro-organisms to reproduce and multiply. This also results in many respiratory tract diseases and skin infections too.

Prevention Tip: A periodic preventive health checkup is an effective means to detect diseases at an early stage, which in turn helps early treatment and complete cure.

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Content Source: Indus Health