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Determining the Doctor's Perception Towards the Adoption of Telehealth in Clinic

Innovations like telehealth should certainly be a boon to the healthcare industry. According to the American Telemedicine Association (ATA),”Telemedicine is the natural evolution of healthcare in the digital world”.  NITI Aayog, India stated that a virtual digital platform for healthcare, the National Health Stack aims to have digital records for all citizens by 2022 to make telemedicine easy

Thus, adopting telehealth in clinical practice would be considered a wise investment

Objective: Determining the doctor’s perception towards the adoption of telehealth in clinical practice

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A total of 102 doctors participated in this particular survey, including 58% General practitioners, 18% Diabetologist, 13% Otolaryngologist, and 11% others.

  • Around 31% of doctors cited a flexible work-life balance as the major reason for adopting telehealth in regular clinical practice.

  • A majority of doctors, 52% responded that adopting telehealth would bridge the gap between patient demand and physician supply.

  • Around 74% of doctors from our survey had consulted or continued to consult patients using telemedicine.

  • A majority of doctors, 90% responded that adopting telehealth will improve continuing medical education programs via teleconferencing.

  • Around 36% of doctors responded that questions about clinical appropriateness were a barrier in adopting telehealth.

More than 50% of physicians from this survey responded that adopting telehealth would reduce the gap between patient demand and physician supply. A considerable majority of the doctors in our survey have used telemedicine owing to its numerous benefits.

The use of telehealth has currently witnessed an increase mostly due to the ongoing pandemic. This shift in readiness to adopt is driven primarily by the physician’s desire to improve patients outcomes and attract and retain patients. This shift will fuel telehealth’s enormous growth in the future. Apart from the advantages of telehealth mentioned in our survey, telehealth additionally allows coordinated care via electronic health record integration. It is understandable from our survey that physicians remain concerned about the clinical appropriateness of telemedicine; however, many health systems and provider groups have taken steps to address the clinical quality concerns among providers. The tide is beginning to turn towards telehealth and adopting it in regular clinical practice would be considered a sensible investment. 

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