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Determining Doctors' Perception Of Post-Lockdown Strategies

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, healthcare systems must provide necessary services while minimising risk to patients and themselves. Many experts around the world have suggested that even if a vaccine for COVID-19 is developed, the world may have to live with the virus. Various businesses have started to resume its operations in several parts of the world. It is essential to have an action plan ready to safely resume healthcare practices once the lockdown is lifted.

Objective: Determining doctors’ perception of post-lockdown strategies in healthcare practices

Below is the graphical presentation of the survey.

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A total of 163 doctors participated in the survey- General Physicians (53%), others (34%), gynaecologist (5%), pediatrician (4%), and ayurvedic doctors (4%)

  • Around 57% of doctors were willing to resume their practice once the lockdown is lifted

  • A majority of doctors, 31% wish to make use of masks compulsory in the clinic to prepare the clinic once the lockdown is lifted

  • A majority of doctors, 48% plan to protect their staff from COVID-19 by training them to handle patients showing flu-like symptoms

  • A majority of doctors, 38%  responded that training the staff will ensure that they will know the right way to use protective equipment

  • Around 47% of doctors responded that there will be an increase in expenses of the clinic/hospital due to the increased use of protective equipment once the lockdown is lifted

A majority of the doctors from our survey are willing to resume their practice. However, they are equally concerned about the rise in expenses due to the increased use of PPE.

As most parts of the world are slowly resuming activities, adopting safe healthcare practices will be fundamental to further limit the spread of COVID-19. Proper training of all human resources typically working at healthcare facilities will help in reducing the risk of transmission. Physicians should consider adopting new technologies such as telemedicine wherever possible for patients who show flu-like symptoms. Healthcare facilities should come up with standard operating procedures for every personnel and department based on the guidelines published by the governments and other organisations. The healthcare industry across the world will have to adapt to combat the unusual challenges encountered due to the pandemic.

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